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Valve island 8652 16-bank ALQ ALValve island 8652 16-bank ALQ AL

Type 8652 / Article No. 20032724

Technical attributes

16 PCE | Industrial EtherNet (PROFINET IO, EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT) | D10 - Brass | D6 - Brass | -1,00 bar - 10,00 bar | -10,00 °C - 55,00 °C | IP20

Manual override lockable
Valve island setup
Number of valve ports
16 PCE
Valve position 1
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 2
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 3
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 4
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 5
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 6
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 7
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 8
2x 3/2-way WWC
Valve position 9
Dummy plate
Valve position 10
Dummy plate
Valve position 11
Dummy plate
Valve position 12
Dummy plate
Valve position 13
Dummy plate
Valve position 14
Dummy plate
Valve position 15
Dummy plate
Valve position 16
Dummy plate
Process Connection Type/Size
Pressure port
Working port
Supply connection material
Working connection material
AirLINE Quick material
Auxiliary pilot air
Process Pressure / Temperature
Nominal pressure min
-1 bar
Nominal pressure max
10 bar
Control pressure min
3 bar
Control pressure max
10 bar
Temperature medium min
-10 °C
Temperature medium max
55 °C
Temperature environment min
-10 °C
Temperature environment max
55 °C
Pressure indicator right
Pressure indicator middle
Pressure indicator left
Pressure sensor


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