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Welding technology

Seamless transition of welding connections and processes.

Comprehensive implementation of your project plan

Whether it’s minimising leakage points and installation costs, or the need for compact arrangements of the most varied components that causes us to create an unbreakable link with welding technology – our experienced colleagues and high-quality machinery ensure that you profit in every respect.

Welding technology - your added values at a glance

  • Remarkable product quality
    Our high range of vertical manufacture gives us access to in-house expertise in all standard welding processes. This enables us to guarantee the optimum design, production and testing of your products. We pursue the goal of achieving high-quality results by continuously optimising our production processes and facilitating ongoing employee qualification.
  • Swift realisation of your requirements
    Even during the prototype phase, we have access to various welding processes at selected welding systems, which enable testing both in laboratory as well as in series production environments. As a result, we can guarantee a swift transition to series production and short lead times for (individual) projects.
  • Efficient development and production sequence
    The direct proximity of all departments involved in the welding process speeds up coordination procedures and ensures an efficient process.