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Project management

The key to a successful project.

Processing the various tasks that arise in the context of product development in a targeted manner requires corresponding project planning, coordination and control.
The Bürkert project management methodology allows us to provide you with a collaborative framework that is adapted to your needs.

Your added values at a glance

  • Realising your individual development plan
    Based on a joint analysis of your technical requirements, we work with you to create a suitable product specification that is tailored to your development plan.
  • Transparent deadline and cost planning
    Regular consultation meetings concerning the deadline and cost development of your project ensure mutual trust and cooperation in a spirit of partnership.
  • Efficient and effective project flow
    Iterative planning with increasing levels of detail in the project flow allows for adjustments and ensures efficient project management.
  • Minimal risk
    Phase-related assignments and releases create structure and reduce the level of risk.
  • Direct communication
    Flexible involvement of the technical specialists required for your project ensures constant availability of competent contacts for your project-specific topics. A project management methodology that is applied consistently throughout the company makes this possible.
  • Cost and time-optimised project scope adapted to your requirements
    Your requirements determine the scope of project management tools to be applied, thereby optimising time expenditure and costs. Our tailored project controlling systems ensure highly efficient implementation.