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Plastics technology

The complete plastics process from a single source. 

Comprehensive implementation of your project plan

The entire process, from development through to tool-making and all the way to the production of your products takes place under a single roof with each step just a few minutes’ walk from the next.
In some cases, a manifold or housing made of plastic rather than metal is a worthwhile alternative, which Bürkert can supply quickly and with exceptional quality. In this case, Bürkert's plastics expertise extends far beyond mere plastic injection moulding. From the selection of materials and qualification through to component development, prototyping, simulation, tool-making and the technology centre all the way to plastic injection moulding – the entire plastic process comes from a single source.

Plastics technology - your added values at a glance

  • Swift realisation of your requirements
    The direct proximity of the development office to the in-house tool-making and plastic production department speeds up coordination procedures, thereby ensuring your requirements are swiftly realised.
  • Exceptional product characteristics
    We guarantee you a well though-out selection of materials from a broad portfolio of qualified standard and high-performance plastics to meet your requirements, as well as internationally approved materials and production locations that guarantee exceptional product Quality.
  • Transparent deadline and cost control
    Having a single contact partner for the entire product creation process allows you to benefit from transparent deadline and cost control.
  • Optimised project duration and minimum project risk
    Depending on the required level of precision, detail and surface quality, we have access to a range of prototype production processes using the relevant materials. We also offer you injected prototypes in the original material made using cost-effective tools. In doing so, we can guarantee an optimised project duration and minimum risk because the required functionalities and installation space specifications can be ensured and verified during the prototype phase. As a result, time-consuming change loops for series tools are reduced to a minimum and a seamless transition to series production is ensured.
  • Efficient implementation of your product ideas
    Flexible production processes guarantee that your product ideas, from simple components to complex modules, are implemented efficiently. We draw on many years of experience acquired across the entire plastics process chain, from material selection through to article design and tool-making all the way tor series production.



Material selection with high diversity of materials




Laboratory for qualification of selected materials




Component development




Prototyping for function & installation space test




Article and tool simulation




Tool design & tool-making




Technology centre




Plastic injection moulding