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Plasma welding made simple

Gas control system with Ethernet-capable mass flow controllers

The very high temperature when plasma welding ensures an intensive and highly dynamic weld penetration and thus focussed component stress. This is due not simply to the actual process but also due to the technical implementation, as shown here in an example. The gases need to be controlled precisely and very quickly. Outstanding control technology and top-quality fluid technology are essential in this context. Digital communication between the process control and field devices via EtherCAT ensures excellent signal quality, simple connection, high bus speed and direct access to extensive process information from the field devices besides information about the set-point and actual value of the flow.

The three-channel system controls the requested gas mixtures for the plasma gas and the shielding gas. It utilizes fast, direct-acting shut-off and proportional valves as well as dynamic flow sensors which measure directly in the gas according to the thermal measuring principle. The valve technology easily copes with changing levels of gas pressure and the measuring technology records changes to the flow rate in a fast and reliable way, no matter how much the set-point value jumps. This system guarantees the gases required for the process are available in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time.

Gas control system with mass flow controllers


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