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Extinguishing fires reliably

Highest operational reliability for fire sprinkler system components

Your benefits:

  • Fast fire extinguishing due to high levels of pressure
  • Time and cost savings due to easy installation
  • Highest level of safety performance due to automatic or manual opening

Sprinkler heads have seals held in place by glass bulbs that break if heated above a set temperature. If the bulb breaks due to a fire or if it is damaged, the level of gas pressure drops and the pressure sensor activates the water valve. The formation of particles, scale or corrosion is not uncommon as the water pressure sits in the pipeline and at the valve without moving. Nevertheless, the media-separated solenoid valves ensure sprinkler systems have the capacity to supply contaminated extinguishing water reliably whenever it is required.

Typical applications for particle handling

The ideal media separated solenoid valve for your application

Type 5282

Servo-assisted 2/2-way diaphragm valve

Type 5282
  • Servo-assisted diaphragm valve up to DN65 orifice
  • Separating diaphragm for aggressive and contaminated media
  • Closing and opening times can be adjusted individually
  • Explosion-proof versions (Cat.2)
  • Service-friendly manual override