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Emission reduction through exhaust treatment

SCR dosing solutions for a cleaner environment through pure exhaust gases

Your benefit

  • Application-proven platform
  • Compact and service friendly design
  • Quick and efficient customisation possible

Today diesel engines are used in many areas. Whether in the air or on water, passenger car or ship, stationary for power generation or for propulsion of vehicles. The diesel engine shows its advantages in a wide variety of situations.
However, with the increasing number of diesel engines the emission values increase drastically. The nitrogen oxides that occur in the combustion of diesel fuel represent problems for our environment that are as significant as the problems associated with carbon dioxide or soot particles.

Our contribution for a clean environment: SCR dosing solutions

A remedy is provided by ammonia that reacts with the nitrogen oxides to form nitrogen and water. This scientific reaction, selective catalytic reduction, points the way to a technology that ensures a cleaner environment. Only SCR catalytic converters reduce nitrogen oxides to the degree now required by standards and directives.

The important fact with the SCR technology is that the reaction medium can be safely dosed with repeat accuracy. It is also important to keep dosing modules durable, compact and light. Bürkert is your single source for all technologies that enable these characteristics: Valves and sensors as well as plastics technology and system engineering.

Adding value with Bürkert systems

Components, such as valves, sensors, or complete dosing modules in emission reduction systems with SCR technology, require a higher level of material resistance chemically and thermally, and a high level of physical leak tightness. Consequently, electromagnetic shut-off and control valves from Bürkert use specially encapsulated coils manufactured in-house. Bürkert engineers integrate these coils in dosing units of different capacity classes in a manner appropriate for the application. This guarantees an optimised, cost-efficient overall size, in addition to a significantly reduced variety of interfaces. Dosing modules increase the integrity and reduce installation and test complexity.

A platform for worry-free SCR dosing

Platform worry-free SCR Dosing

Our broad product portfolio is the basis for SCR dosing units from a single source. All valve and sensor specific core components are qualified for the area of application and are time-proven. Product diversity, experience with SCR system technology and the platform concept keep development times short.

Having all the necessary in-house production technologies such as metalworking, plastics technology and control cabinet construction boosts efficiency in the development and production process. All this allows for quick testing and compliance with statutory limit values.

Please contact us for an individual SCR solution.