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Mass flow controllers and meters for all common Industrial Ethernet protocols

Precise measurement and control of gases for numerous applications.

Bürkert presents its new generation of high-precision mass flow meters (MFM) and controllers (MFC) for gases. These devices feature an integrated Industrial Ethernet switch and support all standard Industrial Ethernet protocols. This allows the devices to be flexibly integrated in existing systems. The two versions (Type 8741 and 8745) cover a broad measurement and control range. They are used at high and low pressures as well as for low and high flow rates.

Typical applications for mass flow meters and controllers are in the areas of metal, glass or ceramic processing, coating technology or in the production of foams in the food and plastics industries. MFCs/MFMs are also used in fermenters and water treatment systems. To keep pace with the growing market trend towards automation also at field device level, all common Industrial Ethernet protocols were implemented. Users can choose between PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT or Modbus TCP. This enables OEMs in particular to use a single product in solutions for customers with different control systems. Particular attention was devoted to a straightforward commissioning using the respective device description files. The free “Bürkert Communicator” software tool simplifies device access, diagnostics and parametrization, making the Bürkert devices exceptionally user-friendly.

Broad range of applications

The Type 8741 flow meters and controllers handle nominal flow rates of up to 150 lN/min (relative to N2), while the Type 8745 devices permit a maximum of 2,500 lN/min (relative to N2). Thanks to their wide measuring range, the same MFC/MFM devices can often be used at different locations within an application – thus reducing the number of device versions. The mass flow controllers employ direct-acting proportional valves. Type 8745 can also be combined with a Type 3280 or 3285 motor-driven valve for high-pressure applications of up to 22 bar. Valve orifices up to DN20 can be realised for applications with high flow rates, even at low differential pressures such as those found in burner control systems. All MFC/MFMs are also available with UL approval. In addition to Industrial Ethernet interfaces, standard signal interfaces will soon also be available for Types 8741 and 8745, thereby further expanding the application spectrum.

Precise control

The sensors used in both types offer a high degree of measurement accuracy and excellent repeatability. Since the sensors measure directly in the gas flow, the MFC/MFM devices have extremely short reaction times, giving them exact measurement and control capabilities. The thermal measuring principle operates independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations. Sensors, proportional valves and PI controllers are proven in-house developments by Bürkert and are perfectly compatible with one another.