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Bürkert FLOWave sensors for flow measurement

With the FLOWave flow sensor, Bürkert has developed a revolutionary new sensor for flow measurement that can be employed in a wide range of applications. Utilising Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology and an all stainless steel body (with a measuring tube free from any components), the Bürkert FLOWave takes flow measurement and instrumentation to new heights.

The primary advantages of FLOWave are that no sensor parts are inside the measurement tube and that it can be manufactured to the same surface finish as the rest of the pipeline. This means that, in terms of hygiene, cleaning and flow conditions, there is no difference to any other piece of straight pipe. The non-contact nature of the design brings the hygiene benefits normally seen in high-end flowmeters, without the additional cost premium.

Bürkert FLOWave flow measurement devices

The revolutionary FLOWave comes in a compact and simple design. It can be installed in horizontal and vertical applications without affecting performance. In a clean water scenario, such as for drug production or for intravenous injection, standard magmeters are often ineffectual due to the low conductivity of very pure water.

In this highly demanding sector, when it comes to the specification of instrumentation, the high accuracy of FLOWave’s SAW technology offers the ultimate solution. Typical applications for FLOWave include: metering of costly purified water, mixing intravenous infusions, fluids for dosing systems and monitoring of medicine production, plus, as well as critical CIP and SIP processes.

Bürkert Type 8098 sensors for flow measurement

Ian Webster, Segment Manager .hygienic, said: “Here you see the FLOWave Type 8098. This is a flow measurement device with a disruptive technology called Surface Acoustic Wave. It is for anyone with hygienic design demands, like in the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry, especially in clean utilities like a water loop with little or even no conductivity.

“It is special in that it is just a tube according to hygienic standards; one the customer is already using in this process – so no material incompatibilities. It is unique because no sensor components come into contact with the medium, which means cleaning processes are optimally supported in combination with a very compact and lightweight design.

“FLOWave means optimal cleanability; no pressure drop, thus saving energy; and uncompromising flow rate measurement,” he added.

In summary, FLOWave offers incredible accuracy from an extremely compact unit that has no flow restrictions and offers the triumvirate benefits of reduced installation, operational and maintenance costs.


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