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Electronic components

Supplier requirements for electronic components like sensors, cables and connectors, assemblies and circuit boards and more.

Verschiedene elektronische Platinen auf weißem Hintergrund

Basic demands on electronic parts



  • Multilayer: 2-8 Layer
  • Basis material: FR4
  • Flex and Starflex

Mounted PCB

  • Multilayer: 2-8 Layer
  • SMD / THT
  • Varnished PCBs
  • Moulded PCBs

Active / Passive Components

  • Standard Components


  • Customized Pressure, Temperature and Flow sensors among high aggressive chemical Fluids (Ammonia)


  • Halogen free, non-flammable, screened
  • Oilflexcable

Special connectors

  • Partial contacts high gold plated
  • Standard connectors (M8, M12, Multipole)

Special needs / Certificates
UL certified

Currently we are looking for new suppliers for the following sectors / types of parts:

Raw PCB manufacturer for small quantities