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Training Solenoid Valves

Why does a solenoid valve buzz? Where does the clatter come from? And anyway, what is it used for? From 14th to 16th May 2013, these and many other questions were the key focus of a free basic training on solenoid valves in Cirencester, Great Britain.

The different function principles of solenoid valves were explained to industrial plant operators, planners and consulting engineers using cutaway models, real working samples and video media. The fact that they are usually quite small and from the outside often inconspicuous looking, whilst full of high-tech qualities, really impressed the 50 participants.

Typical application fields of these great allrounders are water, compressor units and vacuum. These can be found for example in drinking water treatment and heating / cooling units. The more different the application fields, the more diverse the physical operation principles of these valves. Therefore, the principles such as plunger, pivoted armature, rocker and flipper valves, including their advantages and disadvantages, were explained. The content of the training was delivered over three consecutive days.

Bürkert reached the position as global market leader in the fluid technic through continuously developing the construction and technology of solenoid valves. Therefore, the continuous in-house development of our solenoid valves is not given to others - engineering from Germany.

If you are interested in our training courses, please contact your local subsidiary.

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