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Precise dosing in µl range: Bürkert presents micro dosing unit for liquids

Bürkert's new micro dosing unit Type 7615 - a high-precision diaphragm pump for exact dosing of liquids in the µl range - is the fluid technology specialist's latest addition to its product portfolio for analytical, bio-medical and medical applications. The micro dosing unit, comprising of three valves, doses 5 µl in one stroke with a accuracy of +/- 2%. The maximum flow rate is 8 ml/min in both directions.

Bürkert's micro dosing unit, developed especially for dosing of neutral and aggressive liquids in the µl range, combines maximum precision and extremely high chemical resistance. The pump comprises of three valves - one inlet and outlet valve, respectively, and a third valve for the pump function. If necessary, all three valves can be opened and flushed simultaneously. The active inlet and outlet valves allow for bi-directional pumping. This enables the user to mix media in the hose or channel or to keep media in constant motion to prevent sedimentation, for example. In addition, the pump has dry running capabilities and even continues pumping if there is gas in the medium. An integrated heating function allows for warming of the valves and of the medium if needed, to ensure functional reliability also at low temperatures.

The flow rate can be changed by the frequency. In addition to the standard frequency of 5 Hz, the pump also operates at frequencies of 10 Hz, 25 Hz and 40 Hz. The Bürkert micro dosing unit is ideal as a replacement for syringe pumps, for example. Other applications are in analytical lab instruments, water analysis and applications for dosing of lubricants.

 Facts and data micro dosing unit 7615:

  • Media: Neutral and aggressive liquids
  • Media temperature: +15 °C to 60 °C (FFKM) / +  5 °C to 60 °C (EPDM)
  • Dosing quantity: 5 µl/stroke; max. 8 ml/min in both directions
  • Pump frequency (frequency mode): 5 Hz (standard), 10 Hz, 25 Hz, 40 Hz
  • Length of voltage pulse (pulse mode): > 120 ms
  • Dosing accuracy: < ± 2%
  • Maximum pressure in outlet: 1.0 bar
  • Dimensions: 50 x 28.5 x 70 mm (UNF ¼-28) / 44 x 39.5 x 70 mm (flange)

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